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Posted Thu, 21 Jan 2021 13:28:15 GMT by HM Government Admin1
There is no information for importing Category 3 Low Risk animal by-products on the Government website; I have telephoned APHA, emailed them, tweeted them and asked a Border Inspection Post. No response. It is a farce. Can you advise the import conditions and requirements for a CATEGORY 3 LOW RISK animal by-products? There is no information on this relevant page, only for Category 1 and 2. Url: The product will be coming from an EU country. Prior to April 2021 what documentation and steps are required then thereafter what is needed? Specifically; 1. Does the exporter need to be an EU approved establishment? 2. Does the exporter need to be registered with TRACES? 3. Does the exporter need to provide a health certificate? 4. Does the exporter need to provide a sanitary certificate?
Posted Tue, 26 Jan 2021 13:20:00 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Thank you for your post. For imports of animal by-products (ABPs) from the European Union (EU) to Great Britain (GB) the requirement for consignments to be accompanied by ABP commercial documentation has continued and this will be in place until 30th June 2021. From now until April 2021, an exporter of CATEGORY 3 LOW RISK ABPs needs to: be an EU approved establishment use IPAFFS No sanitary certification or health certification for the import of ABP products from the EU to GB is necessary and the exporter does not need to be registered with TRACES. Only certain high-risk ABPs (such as Category 1 material, Category 2 material and meat-and-bone meal or animal fat derived from Category 1 and Category 2 materials) need pre-authorisation before they can be imported during this time period. Details can be found here: High-risk ABPs and Category 3 processed animal protein (PAP) must also be pre-notified via IPAFFS in advance of the goods arrival, to allow inland audits of destination premises to be conducted. There is no requirement for other consignments of ABP to use the IPAFFs pre-notification system during this time. From July 2021 all commercial consignments of ABP will be required to be accompanied by a GB health certificate, official declaration or other official documentation depending on the commodity being imported. Depending on the ABP commodity being imported, certain ABP will need to arrive at an established point of entry with an appropriate Border Control Post (BCP). For certain ABP products, pre-notification will be required, along with documentary, ID and physical checks taking place at BCPs. You will need to check if the CN code for their product is listed in Regulation 2019/2007 in order to determine whether their ABP must be imported via a point of entry with an appropriate BCP. You can check here:

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