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Posted Wed, 12 May 2021 14:18:16 GMT by HM Government Admin2
Q21: There are some real logistical challenges with the Private Attestations. Operationally the data needs to be prepared by the exporter but an original needs to be signed by the importer and available at the point of placing on the market which includes placing into free circulation. Getting a signed original copy and having that available at the BCP at the time of import is virtually impossible. If electric copies were to be accepted in all Member States this would be helpful and make the task easier. Has this issue been raised with the Commission?

A: A private attestation can be uploaded (via a scan) in TRACES instead of a paper presentation at the Border Control Post (BCP) where border controls are required, however it cannot be electronically signed. Importers should check with the relevant BCP to understand if they expect the original hard copy of the Attestation to follow after the consignment has arrived. For composite products exempted from official controls at the BCP, the private attestation shall accompany the products at the time of the placing on the market. 
Posted Wed, 12 May 2021 14:18:54 GMT by HM Government Admin2
Q22: Will the private attestation avoid documentary (or physical) customs checks at the border crossing point eg. EUROTUNNEL and divert the checks at the destination point?

A: Unless specifically exempt from border checks, all consignments of composite products exported to the EU will be subject to veterinary checks at an EU Border Control Post (BCP), including those exempt from certification where a private attestation is also required. If the final composite product is shelf stable and does not contain processed meat products but is not on the EU's list of lower risk products it must be subject to BCP/Point of Entry checks and accompanied by a private attestation. Only those composite products that are specifically exempted, in the legislation, from that checks at BCPs are exempted from checks at the border. Checks may be carried out at the place of destination, the point of release for circulation in the EU or the warehouses or the premises of the operator responsible for the consignment. 

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