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Posted Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:17:15 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.1 We are receiving reports of issues using PEACH for plant health purposes - system is very slow (taking hours to load), won't accept large pdfs for upload, so people having to break down information into smaller chunks. Is there any improvements being made to the system?
A. There is ongoing maintenance to IT systems, we have regular reviews of functionality and listen to suggestions for improvements from our traders and internal users, there is a major change to our IT services this year transitioning to new Import and Export systems. Some traders are aiding us with testing these new systems and actively processing their Export applications on the new service. The Imports testing is beginning soon and again feedback will influence changes to the new Imports Notification System when they are all ready to launch. 
Posted Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:17:53 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.2 Hi - can we have some clarity on whether engineers taking some nuts and bolts with them from GB to NI need to declare them? Seems not but want to check. We had some who were declined boarding in Scotland to go to NI as they didnt have GMR number separately though it turns out that is because they had bought the tickets from an intermediary who was a freight company. I mean goods sent separately, not transporting goods proper when driving across for projects in NI etc.
Posted Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:18:38 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.3 Our understanding was that a bar code for exports to France was only used for non-transit shipments where multiple consignments were being linked together in a single envelope. That being the case, is a copy of pre-lodgement import customs entry sufficient to allow the vehicle to board the ferry/train in Kent?
A. By using the Check an HGV is ready to cross the border Service, you can check you have the paperwork you need to cross the border between Great Britain and the EU via the port of Dover Eurotunnel via ferry/train in Kent. 
The service can be found here:
Posted Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:18:53 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.4 Are trucks being diverted to different French ports due to a problem with NCTS?
A. HMRC are working with French Customs on this issue to make improvements as quickly as possible. 
Guidance is available here:
Posted Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:19:18 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.5 Please can you confirm the HMRC custom international helpline referred to? A. HMRC Customs & International Trade Helpline - 0300 322 9434
Posted Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:19:32 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.6 Is there any data on the proportion of goods using CTC on major routes. Is it the 50% forecast?
Posted Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:19:44 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.7 Are you hearing about issues with sow carcases being exported to Germany. There seems to be delays at Calais which means that the meat is not fresh enough to use by the time it gets to the final customer. Have you an understanding of the reasons for the delays?
A. We are in regular contact with trade bodies representing the meat sector and are aware of issues affecting a small number of consignments of meat entering the EU. Where we can help to resolve directly via contact between with induvidual BCPs or member state authorities, we are doing so. If there are any certification issues, we are providing updates directly to official vets via regular briefing notes. There is also a dialogue in place with the EU commission via the CVO to resolve issues where we think EU law has been interpreted incorrectly by the BCP. Confirmation from the commission is reflected in these notes. 
Posted Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:20:11 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.8 My EORI is showing invalid, which is not true? On,uk the EORI is valid, checking it on European commissions it's not valid?
A. Check an EORI number: you can check a business's EORI number, used to import and export from the UK. 
Posted Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:20:23 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.9 Is there a requirement for pre-notification of Export Health Certificates for exports of shellfish to France?
A. To export fish from GB to the EU or move to it to NI, you'll need to:
  • make sure your importer pre-notifies via TRACES NT in advance of arrival enter via an EU Border Control Post (BCP) or a NI Point of Entry (PoE). You can find here the full list of EU BCPs
  • Provide an Export Health Certificate (EHC)
  • provide a catch certificate - you need to validate this and send it to your importer
You may also need; direct landing documents, a storage document if your product has been stored, and a processing statement if your product has been processed. 
You can find further information about exporting fish and fishery products here:
Please note that the information provided on GOV.UK is constantly being updated to support businesses with accurate and timely information; any link provided is accurate and up to date at the time of this response. 

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