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Posted Wed, 10 Feb 2021 17:30:18 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.1 We are receiving calls about non-manipulation certificates. There is a lack of clarity about how to obtain these and from whom. HMRC are the responsible department but they cannot provide answers. Certain EU MS are specifically asking for them, when goods come out of Customs Warehouse, could we have a conversation off line please? A. On the question of non-manipulation, the requirements shall be deemed to have been met unless the customs authorities have reasons to believe the contrary. My interpretation is that where it is deemed to be met no additional documentation need be presented. However, where the customs authorities do have reason to believe the contrary importers may be required to provide evidence of compliance, which can be any substantiating documents to the satisfaction of the customs authorities of the importing country. That can include transport documents that evidence the movement of the goods from the country of export to the country of import, evidence of their being kept under customs supervision, e.g. entries in/out of the bonded warehouse. Also, other factual or concrete evidence based on marking or numbering of packages or any evidence related to the goods themselves may also be presented.
Posted Wed, 10 Feb 2021 17:31:54 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.2 Please can we see a year-on-year comparison with tonnage of goods (and/or perhaps value) transported between UK and EU? The number of trucks may well be similar to last year, but if half of them are empty in one direction, then things obviously aren't yet "normal", and we're not getting the full picture. A. We are aware that there is an appetite for more granular data and that will be coming from next week via these calls however it has to be managed around desire for information and the need to be aware of commercial sensitivities. We will take on board your request for a year on year comparison.
Posted Wed, 10 Feb 2021 17:33:30 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.3 Are the Rules of Origin (ROO) slides being posted in guidance or coming to stakeholders separately please? They were very detailed and useful ROO deep dive next JCCC please. A. An HMRC RoO session is planned for Monday 15 February 2021 which includes slides and flowcharts.
Posted Wed, 10 Feb 2021 17:34:15 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.4 Reusable packaging, do you know when the email address will be published, please? A. We published information on re-usable packaging including the process for a simplified process:

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