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Posted Tue, 26 Jan 2021 16:46:00 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.1 Hi, are you able to give an indication of turnbacks at Cairnryan?
Posted Tue, 26 Jan 2021 16:53:42 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.2 We raised queries about the functioning of the PEACH plant health system on 12 and 20 January. When might we expect answers please?
A. Both questions have now been answered, please see below answers:
Q.We are receiving reports of issues using PEACH for plant health purposes - system is very slow (taking hours to load), won't accept large pdfs for upload, so people having to break down information into smaller chunks. Is there any improvements being made to the system?
A. There is ongoing maintenance to IT systems, we have regular reviews of functionality and listen to suggestions for improvements from our traders and internal users, there is a major change to our IT services this year transitioning to new Import and Export systems. Some traders are aiding us with testing these new systems and actively processing their Export applications on the new service. The Imports testing is beginning soon and again feedback will influence changes to the new Imports Notification System when they are all ready to launch. 
Q. We asked about issues surrounding PEACH and plant health on 12 January. That questions has not been answered yet. We now have reports that PEACH is not notifying inspectors (SASA) of PEACH entries. Can you clarify please?
A. PEACH is used for Scottish importers using POD functionality for Plants for planting coming from the EU only. PEACH is not used for other imports for SASA Inspectors. 
Posted Tue, 26 Jan 2021 16:56:05 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.3 Lots of reports of shortages of certain supplies, especially supermarket stock levels and product availability in Northern Ireland. Any news on this, is it improving? A. Supermarkets are reporting healthy supplies into their stores, and as Tesco said a few weeks ago, availability in Northern Ireland is “strong”. There haven’t been any significant queues or disruption and goods are moving effectively between GB and NI and the grace period for supermarkets and their suppliers is working well however we recognize there have been some issues as businesses adapt, and we are wholly focused on working with traders to support them to do that. We are working with industry and the Northern Ireland Executive to address any issues that arise. For example, we are aware of specific issues related to moving mixed food loads, known as groupage, and new guidance is coming soon following a successful trial with industry.
Posted Tue, 26 Jan 2021 16:58:02 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.4 Are you seeing differences in type of freight currently going...i.e. what proportion of HGVs are carrying SPS goods and where does that sit in reflect to historical data?
A. We will update verbally on any further insight gleaned from trend analysis at future steakholder calls. 
Posted Tue, 26 Jan 2021 16:58:21 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.5 Have you mapped what the RWCSs are for turn backs/trader readiness for the additional controls kicking in over April and July? Also, what is expected path to get to 0% turn backs at the current stage and how are we tracking against that?
A. The RWCS assumptions are currently being reviewed and we will share further information at the stakeholder calls. 
Posted Tue, 26 Jan 2021 17:01:22 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.6 Is there anything written from HMG whether BPDG or HMRC advice to this effect we can pass on to members/traders (I have an update goin out on ROI and NI tomorrow) regarding using the new Irish system? A. We have been made aware of issues with the new Irish roro system. Some traders are still using the old system AEP. AEP can be used however it is sometimes prone to issues and will be closed in March 2021. The clear message from the Irish authorities is all traders should use the new system Automated Import Service (AIS).
Posted Tue, 26 Jan 2021 17:02:12 GMT by HM Government Admin1
Q.7 TSS - supplementary declarations are stacking up. When will the IT be up to date to allow the SDs to be made please? A. HMRC is working with the TSS consortium to develop the supplementary declaration process as a priority.Our target date for this process to be available is early February. We will keep TSS users up to date as this progresses and give them as much notice as possible so they can prepare for the functionality going live.

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