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  • 19 January 2021

    Q.1 Still BCP Calais causing issues with vet controlled cargo? Already emailed and spoken to DG Emma Churchill on this
    A. DEFRA are engaging directly with the French and have a technical meeting with them on 20 January 2021. DEFRA are also engaging directly with the Commission to ensure that they share a common understanding of how to apply the EU's rules which they will share wuth the EHC certifiers in due course. 
  • RE: exporting to EU if not VAT registered

    Thank you for your post. If you move goods to or from the EU You need an EORI number to move goods between Great Britain and the EU. You’ll not usually need an EORI number if you only: • provide services • move goods between Northern Ireland and Ireland If you use a post or parcel company they’ll tell you if you need an EORI number. You’ll need an EORI number from an EU country if your business will be making declarations or getting a customs decision in the EU. Get this from the customs authority in the EU country where you submit your first declaration or request your first decision.
  • RE: UK rules to determine country of origin

    Thank you for your post.
    Please see guidance here on claiming preferential rates of duty between the UK and EU.
  • RE: 18 January 2021

    Q.9 Is the bought capacity for critical freight, on the 9 routes going through 8 ports, under the freight capacity framework, likely to remain for the foreseeable? A. Yes - no changes planned
  • RE: 18 January 2021

    Q.8 Please signpost to the BE/NL webinar ASAP so we can circulate to colleagues and stakeholders, thanks! A. Yes, we should be in a position to circulate the invitation and sign up details tomorrow
  • RE: 18 January 2021

    Q.7 What about the Irish system issues?
    A. If you carry goods from GB to Ireland using a RoRo ferry service (accompanied or unaccompanied), a PBN must be submitted to Irish Customs. This notification must be submitted in advance of the goods leaving GB. The haulier is responsible for ensuring that the PBN is submitted using information provided by the importer. However, the PBN may be created by anyone in the supply chain that has the required information. Vehicles will not be allowed to board ferries in GB without a valid PBN. 
    PBNs are created on Irish Revenues's Customs RoRo Service. Irish Revenue has also set up a dedicated email support service to deal with all PBN related queries at
    Irish Revenue put a temporary arrangement in place that allowed for the creation of a PBN for goods movements that began before the end of the transition period (31 December) and ended after that date. This temporary arrangement is no longer available for all sailings departing GB on or after 18:00 hours on 5 January 2021. 
    Irish Revenue has issued a press release with advice to hauliers and truck drivers moving goods from GB into Irish ports. Full details are available here:
    A PBN user guide has been added to their website. This is available on
  • RE: 18 January 2021

    Q.6 With the high level of orange lanes in France - is there anything that can be done?
    A. HMRC are aware of ongoing NCTS issues leading to "orange laning" in the event of declaring Calais as the office of transit in Box 51 of NCTS, only for the lorry to end up going to Dunkirk instead, or vice versa. HMRC are working with the French authorities on this to develop a fix. 
  • RE: 18 January 2021

    Q.5 Can you please repeat the 1st part of ENS as my line broke A. There has been anecdotal information coming in today about changes to requirements to submit entry summary declarations (ENS) / safety and security declarations for GB - EU movements via the short straits. This is not true - this is confirmation that ENS declarations are required, and have been since 1 Jan 2021, for all freight crossings from GB into the EU. If the entry point into the EU is France, and the declaration is made into the French Import Control System (ICS) - this is done using EDI only. The ENS declaration is the responsibility of the haulier for accompanied freight and the carrier for unaccompanied freight, or via a 3rd party with their knowledge and consent. This is a separate process to the provision of the Movement Reference Number on either the transit accompanying document or French customs import declaration, the scanning of which is done at check-in (ferry operator) and at the Eurotunnel pitstop. It is also covered in the terms and conditions of carriage of the operators for accompanied freight.
  • RE: 18 January 2021

    Q.4 Could you publish the testing places asap please? A. New testing requirements for hauliers travelling from UK to Netherlands come into force tomorrow, i.e. Tuesday 18 January. These have been enshrined in Dutch law. This means Hauliers will need a negative Lateral Flow Test to have been conducted no more than 24 hours prior to boarding the vessel. If hauliers are travelling from Immingham to Rotterdam, their nearest haulier test center is the Woodhall Northbound information and advisory site on the M1 off J30/31. If hauliers are travelling from Harwich to Hook of Holland, their nearest haulier test center is Orwell Crossing truck stop on the A14 off J57 / 58. If hauliers are travelling from Killingholme to Hook of Holland, their nearest haulier test center is the Woodhall Northbound information and advisory site on the M1 off J30/31. If hauliers are travelling from Felixstowe to Rotterdam their nearest haulier test center is Orwell Crossing truck stop on the A14 off J57 / 58.
  • RE: 18 January 2021

    Q.3 A lot of the volumes are now being processed also on weekends, we have seen an NCTS upgrade on 14 January and experienced after the upgrade IT issues with NCTS in the weekend....can we, throughout the weekend, be supplied with an IT NCTS helpdesk coordinator - IT hot desk?
    A. HMRC are working with French Customs on this issue to make improvements as quickly as possible. 
    Guidance is available here: