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  • RE: 18 January 2021

    Q.2 POAO BCP Calais - is getting backlogged for POAO what are the plans here?
    A. Defra are engaging directly with the French and have a technical meeting with them on 20 January 2021. Defra are also engaging directly with the Commission to ensure that they share a common understanding of how to apply the EU's rules which they will share with EHC certifiers in due course. 
  • 18 January 2021

    Q.1 The Smart border into France - Is there any update as to removing the manual verification of an entry as its inflight on the vessel - can this be done say 24hrs in advance?
    A. This is a question for the French Customs as it relates to the equivalent of HMRC's GVMS system. 
  • RE: 15 January 2021

    Q.8 We have had a report via DfT that there is a bug in Check an HGV which is sending SOME green KAPs to Inland Border Posts. Have you spotted this and is there a resolution planned?
    A. The Kent Access Permit colour relates to whether the HGV is border ready or need to visit a site in order to get ready.
    Green: goods may be taken to Port of Dover and Eurotunnel. All relevant documentation has been declared present, and the KAP has been issued with a valid QR code. 
    Amber: goods can only be taken to the port after going to a HMRC Office of Departure or a Third Party Authorised Consignor. Documentation has been declared present, but the driver needs to complete certain customs processes.  
    There is no bug in the C-HGV service. The service does not direct traffic to any particular sites.
    There are operational issues on the ground between DFT and HMRC sites, where they are directing tarffic incorrectly. The C-HGV team is helping to improve that situation by introducing some additional clarification around ACCs/IBFs to the sites next week. 
  • RE: 15 January 2021

    Q.7 Can we push EU members on seafood imports into the EU to make processes quicker and perhaps provide some help for UK catching sector/exporters in understanding what they need to do, please?
  • RE: 15 January 2021

    Q.6 Will TSS (or any other gov. system) be able to notify users (NI firms) of duties incurred? Or how will we know?
    A. Businesses using the TSS must pay any duties calculated when supplementary declarations are submitted in accordance with standard HMRC payment dates (typically the following month for a Business using a "Duty Deferment Account). Following the movement of goods, the TSS will request further information from traders in order to complete the supplementary declaration on their behalf. The TSS will work with trader to ensure they understand what information they need to provide and can pay the right duty where necessary. For TSS to submit a Supplementary declaration on you behalf, you will need to provide TSS with further data.
    From mid-February, the TSS is introducing a new digital process for you to do this. We're introducing this in a carefully controlled way, to make sure we can properly support you in starting to make these new declarations. If you are moving goods after we introduce the new digital service, you will need to submit your Supplementary Declaration information to TSS by the fourth working day of the month following a goods movement- by 4 March for goods moved in February. 
    When your goods move, we will email you to tell you about the Suplementary Declarations you need to submit. In some cases- where you are moving goods that don't attract any duty, and are not controlled goods- you will be able to do that from the middle of February, to give you peace of mind ahead of the 4 March deadline, if you wish to do so. 
    For other goods- those where duty will need to be paid, and controlled goods such as alcohol or some food products- you will be able to submit your Supplementary Declaration  from the end of February.
    For goods moved before we introdice the new Supplementary Declaration digital service, we will take a staged approach to submission of Supplementary Declarations. 
    We will keep you informed about when you will be required to submit Supplementary Declaration information intp TSS for these movements. We will give you plenty of notice before we ask you to do this, so you should wait to hear from us before attempting to submit a Supplementary Declaration  for those goods. This helps us to ensure that the new service is working well, and that we can give you the right support and customs expertise to guide you through this process. 
  • RE: 15 January 2021

    Q.5 We are receiving reports of at least 5 loads of seafood delayed in Kent due to HMRC system ""crashing"" last night, and similar problems with French systems. Can you verify?
  • RE: 15 January 2021

    Q.4 We keep hearing about NCTS difficult or 'not working', can you give us an update on what problems are and how being resolved?
    A. Any service downtime on NCTS would be notified here:
  • RE: 15 January 2021

    Q.3 Any information on delays at Calais - NCTS specific?
    A. Same asnwer as Q.1 
    A. We are aware of issues on the French side with NCTS. There was a positive meeting today (15 January) between HMRC, French counterparts, BPDG and the EU Commission. HMRC are working with French Customs on the issue to make improvements as quickly as possible. 
    Guidance is available here:
  • RE: 15 January 2021

    Q.2 When will the TSS service be able to notify which SDs are outstanding?
    A. HMRC is working with the TSS consortium to develop the supplementary declaration process as a priority. Our target date for this process to be available is early February. We will keep TSS user up to date as this progresses and give them as much notice as possible so they can prepare for functionality going live. 
  • 15 January 2021

    Q.1 Members report Issues with NCTS Export & Imports declarations with up to two hour delays on authorisations coming back, S/W Provider advises that it is a Customs problem. Ireland (DUB) have gone to paper fallback using SAD’s and Fallback Stamps. Any update on the issue and when we go to NCTS Paper fallback under our AC approval T&C’s is there any additional requirements to be met like copy C88 to be scanned to CCTO?
    A. We are aware of issues on the French side with NCTS. There was a positive meeting today (15 January) between HMRC, French counterparts, BPDG and the EU Commission. HMRC are working with French Customs on the issue to make improvements as quickly as possible. 
    Guidance is available here: