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  • RE: 14 January 2021

    Q.4 When can you share the split of turnback % between Covid testing and Documentation issues. Would be useful to see the trends here?
    A. We will be sharing general information regarding turnbacks at the daily stakeholder calls. 
  • RE: 14 January 2021

    Q.3 Is there a plan at Waterbrook to split the import and export lanes, three hour waits at the site currently and drivers standing in the elements with minimal social distancing being adhered too. Could Border Force address this and have an import and export split to allow the operations to be improved?
    A. The main issues with traffic for Waterbrook relate to much higher demand there, but lower at other IBFs (with Covid testing at the adjacent Sevington site adding to the complexity). HMRC is strengthening communications and guidance to direct drivers appropriatley. The overall levels of transit demand at sites are manageable and dwell time is now under two hours with time exception of peak periods. The opening of the larger DfT owned sites at Sevington for transit procedures in mid-February will help continue to ease the current pressures around Waterbrook. 
    In addition, the main office is being used for dropping off paperwork and we are using a seperate office for the collection of paperwork, thereby splitting the queues. Drivers now have the use of one of the inspection sheds to wait in so they are not standing in the open air. They are also encouraged to socially distance at all times and the numbers of drivers allowed in the office at any one time is restricted to support this. 

  • RE: 14 January 2021

    Q.2 Would you please explain precisely was the issue at Waterbrook yesterday? A. Excess traffic owing to hauliers having COVID-19 tests at the nearby Waterbrook park estate.
  • 14 January 2021

    Q.1 What is the difference between green and amber permits please? A. Kent Access Permits are digitally issued to drivers who receive a "green" or "amber" result from the Check An HGV service. Green = all relevant documentation has been declared present and goods may be taken to the port. Amber = documentation has been declared present but goods can only be taken to the port after the driver has gone to an Office of Departureto complete customs processes and obtain a MRN barcode.
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.14 You mention that you recognise issue on supply of EHC's can you say more about the plan to address this issue?
    A. I can see that you emailed us on 23 February 2021 to say that you are not able to provide further content/clarity behind this question. We have contacted a number of different policy leads within Defra to provide a response and unfortunately without further clarification of this question we are unable to do so. We have now marked this as closed. 
    However for further information on EHC's you can find guidance here: 
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.13 Could you please repost link to helplines?
    A. HMRC Customs & International Trade Helpline - 0300 322 9434 HMRC Imports and Exports General Enquiries - 0300 200 3700
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.12 Could you repeat the EAD info please?
    A. Export Accompanying Documents: across both the French (SI Brexit) and UK systems (GVMS) we have noticed that traders have been inputting Movement Reference Numbers (MRNs( from Export Accompanying Documents, rather than from Transit Accompanying Documents. This means that the Office of Transit cannot be completed on arrival into the new customs territory and is creating systems errors which may result in goods being held. The French have published high level guidance on this – we have taken away an action to provide more detail on the error and provide clearer guidance to traders. - For now, we’d ask you to remind your members that for transit arrivals in GB, GVMS requires that traders moving goods under transit must submit a Goods Movement Reference at the EU port of departure – this must contain all transit accompanying document MRNs and should not contain EU EAD MRNs. As per the French leaflet, goods arriving in France or the EU must submit an import declaration, transit declaration or logistics envelope, and must not submit UK EADs.
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.11 Northern Ireland - TSS Supplementary Declaration functionality available 'end of Jan' - ALL SD's deadline is 06/02?
    A. HMRC is working with TSS consortium to develop the supplementary declaration process as a priority. Our target date for this process to be available is early February. We will keep TSS users up to date as this progresses and give them as much notice as possible so they can prepare for the functionality going live. 
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.10 Could you repeat the point on LMN and box 51?
    A. HMRC have heard from industry and French customs officers that hauliers are arriving without the correct transit or import documentation. What seems to be happening is that hauliers are presenting one Local Reference Number (LRN) when starting transit movements at GB Offices of Departure. This is fine if a vehicle is travelling with all of its consignments captured under one Transit declaration. However, if a vehicle is carrying multiple consignments under different transit declarations but does not present all of their LRNs, the goods will be held on arrival in in the EU. On Box 51, French authorities have notified us that several vehicles have arrived in France either without an Office of Transit listed in Box 51 or with an incorrect OoT. If a trader arrives in France without the correct Office of Transit listed, we understand that SI Brexit – their new digital border system – will hold the goods. This is because the local NCTS will not have a record of the transit movement or be able to complete Office of Transit digitally, unless this location is declared at the Office of Departure. The French system will need to manually request this data from the original Office of Departure and then process the movement. To avoid this issue, traders must ensure that they are declaring every Office of Transit en route – this means listing the port of entry into every new customs territory.
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.9 Hello, Would you have more details on the UK rules on reusable packaging exemption procedure for A/C containers and ULD between UK/EU, and how it will work in practice, please? From EU side, we understand as long as these are not listed on a transport document it is an oral type-like declaration, and admitted as transport materials after getting authorized by the local customs of the MS as per art. 203 of the UCC. Thank you.
    A. HMRC published information on re-usable packaging including the process for a simplified process