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  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.8 Noted 10% turnbacks at Holyhead. What about Fishguard and Pembroke Dock?
    A. There is no turnback data available for these locations. 
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.7 What is an export help certifier please A. Apologies, you may have misheard -we were referring to "Export Health Certificate"
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.6 We are still hearing there are problems with NCTS - is there an update?
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.5 Would very much like to know flow numbers and turnbacks please. A. Unable to provide this information due to commercial sensitivities.
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.4 I asked a question on EAD bar codes but the response given has not answered the question. Can you advise when to print the MRN as a barcode on a EAD (or pseudo-EAD) for a direct export, i.e. for a full export declaration. A. HMRC advised that they will be in touch with you direct to make sure they have fully understood your question and provide the right answers.
    A. An EAD is not normally required for direct export from the UK. Whilst the EAD contains the MRN that is required for indirect exports from Northern Ireland. (Union Customs Code legislation only requires the MRN.)
    An EAD should not be printed before Customs clearance is granted (permission to progress (P2P)), however it is recognised that there are circumstances where printing the EAD is necessary earlier than when Customs clearance is granted. This will be when the EAD needs to accompany the goods to the border. As such, CHIEF will allow an EAD to be printed prioe to P2P. In such istances however, the printing of the EAD does not constitute Customs clearance and receipt of the P2P message confirms Custom clearance. 
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.3 Can we have an update on the number of Kent access permits that have been issued and separately across the UK is the number of haulier 'turn backs' at outbound Ro-Ro ports falling/increasing?
    A. A press release with some general information was previously issued here. We will be sharing further general information regarding turnbacks at daily stakeholder calls. 
  • RE: 13 January 2021

    Q.2 Who do we raise our concerns regarding EHC capacity with?
    A. You should contact APHA if you are experiencing issues with EHCs. 
    You can contact them on: and 03000 200301
  • 13 January 2021

    Q.1 Can you share the year to date and prior year volumes of ROW freight at the borders? This way we can understand if a wider problem is possible in the coming weeks or months...
    A. In 2020, for Q1 there were 444,000 departures from the Dover Straits, for Q2 there were 364,000 departures from the Dover Straits and for Q3 there were 438,000 departures from the Dover Straits.
  • RE: Procedures for imports directly to 3rd party consignee

    Thank you for your post.
    A person may make a Customs declaration in respect of goods if the person is able to present goods to Customs on import or if they are able to secure that the goods are presented to Customs on import. For many types of declaration however the declarant has to be UK established, in which case a non-UK established person would need to appoint a UK established agent to make a declaration. If two or more persons are capable of making a declaration for goods they will need clear agreement about the responsibilities of each when making the declaration. On who is liable the answer is set out in guidance here. Who is liable The person or organisation who made the customs declaration relating to the goods being imported is liable for the customs debt (the debtor). If you are the declarant but use an agent or representative to make a customs declaration on your behalf, they may be liable depending on the type of representation.
  • RE: ROI / GB / Switzerland Export

    Thank you for your post.
    Yes, you can use a ROI haulier to take a GB product to Switzerland. Transit and EHC are two different requirements.
    Here is guidance for both:
    Get your business ready to move goods to the common or EU countries Find out what you need to do to prepare your business to move goods using common and Union Transit here. and trading with Switzerland here for infomation on trade with Switzerland from 1 January 2021. How you import from and export to Switzerland will change from 1 January 2021.