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  • RE: Moving Pet Food Not For Onward Sale - advice please

    Thank you for your post.
    This guidance applies to businesses in Great Britain (GB) (England, Scotland and Wales) exporting or moving animal feed and pet food to, or through: the EU, non-EU countries, and Northern Ireland (NI).
    You will need an export health certificate (EHC) to export animal feed and pet food made from animal products. Check the EHC finder to see if a certificate exists for your animal feed or pet food. If you find an EHC, follow the EHC process to export. If you cannot find an EHC, you’ll need to contact the competent authority in NI or the EU country you’re exporting to, in advance, to find out what paperwork you’ll need to fill in and rules you need to comply with. The competent authority means the equivalent of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the EU country you’re exporting to. If the competent authority says that you need an EHC, you’ll need to get their import conditions. Contact APHA who’ll arrange an EHC for you
    You will also need to:
    • get your goods checked at an EU border control post (BCP) or NI point of entry in the first country you enter
    • make sure your EU or NI-based import agent has notified the BCP or NI point of entry that your consignment is arriving - check with the BCP or NI point of entry for how much notice needs to be given.
    You can find further information on exporting animal feed or pet food here: Export or move animal feed or pet food - GOV.UK (

    Please note that the information provided on is constantly being updated to support businesses with accurate and timely information; any link provided is accurate and up to date at the time of this response.
  • RE: Speeding import in the receiving EU Country

    Thank you for your post. Please refer to the published guidance at which sets out the exporting process in detail including how you may be able to move goods quicker to the EU from 1 January 2021 The Guidance has been published and we can confirm that UK customs declarations will not be required for goods that started their journey from/to the EU before 11pm on 31 December, provided the trader can show that the goods entered a UCC procedure before that time.
  • Moving Pet Food Not For Onward Sale - advice please

    Good evening, I am desperately seeking advice on behalf of friends who operate a charity that rehomes abandoned dogs from Bulgaria to UK once a home has been identified for them. The DEFRA approved vehicle then returns to Bulgaria with bags of dried kibble and tinned dog food that has been donated to the charity by generous members of the public. The charity has been advised that to move pet food, a very complicated vet approved health certificate has to be completed. This is more complicated as the donated food is from various manufacturers. The certificate appears to focus on the manufacturing of the food rather than mere transportation. I have trawled the government websites for clarification in regards to when a certificate is required when we are not the manufacturer and the food is for our own animals. If the amount is a small amount - 500kg, does this have any impact? Any guidance greatly appreciated Stuart
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.17 The guidance says any badge can be used for any Non Inventory location. Do the UKBF know this?
    A. Not everyone should attend an Inland Border Facility. Some businesses are pre-authorised to start from consignee's premises (their own or an agents premises). 
    The Inland Border Facilities are only there to serve the Cat 1 ports (Holyhead, Dover and Eurotunnel). Capacity is modelled on that demand. 
    The other ports, most of which are classes as Cat 3, for example, Harwich, Immingham etc,. have signed MOUs that they can handle the traffic. 
    IBF guidance on GOV.UK clearly says they are for the 3 ports of Holyhead, Dover and Eurotunnel.
    They are only for moving goods under ones of the stated processes (Transit/Carnet/Cites) you shouldn't be using IBF.
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.16 Are users of Destin8 making use of the transition period offered by MCP to continue to show EU status?
    A. The use of "EU status" on Destin8 now fulfils a different requirement and that is to release goods as EIDR under SCC until 31 June 2021. There is evidence that Destin8 customers are using the temporary arrangement. 
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.15 I thought the Irish pseudo-PBN facility had now been withdrawn?
    A. There are two issues. First is that Irish authorities relaxed PBN reqmt for movements that were in flight at 11pm on 31 December. That relaxation has since been withdrawn. The second is the issue mentioned, which is difficulties getting an MRN usable by Irish systems, where there remains a current fix using a pseudo MRN. 
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.14 If I am unable to complete arrivals on NCTS due to system issues - how can I get permission granted to unload?
    A. If NCTS actions are completed incorrectly or missed on the system, this could lead to delays on arrival and goods being held up. 
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.13 Can you confirm that Rules of Origin apply to GB-NI trade?
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.12 Could you specify the below threshold limits (not requiring licenses ) for private importers B2C importing alcohols
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.11 Can testing be introduced at the Pont Abraham services in West Wales for drivers from Ireland travelling to Kent and France?
    A. Covid testing for hauliers is now available at 46 testing sites outside of Kent- further guidance is available here: