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  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.10 Awaiting updated Notes for Guidance on GEFS/Groupage to reflect changes made to composite EHCs 8281/2 guidance. When is this coming?
    A. An update on Group Export Facilitation Scheme (GEFS) is due on Friday 29 January. Guidance will be updated at to reflect any changes. 
    Please note that the information provided on GOV.UK is constantly being updated to support businesses with accurate and timely information; any link provided is accurate and up to date at the time of  this response. 
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.9 On friday you said there would be systematic checking of lorries on random ships / shuttles. did this happen and what is the situation presently in the FR orange lanes?
    A. We are expecting the possibility of French customs looking at whole shuttles or ferries yes. I do not believe that has happened yet. Currently French orange lanes we are seeing a lower percentages of HGV being directed in that direction. 
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.8 Is there less leniency on goods (stop projected?) picked up prior end of transition (EU status) in your experience at EUROTUNNEL
    A. The government's priority is to keep goods moving and avoid delays at the border. With our partners in Border Force, HMRC will act to ensure that border processes are as smooth as possible, without compromising security. 
    HMRC will use these exisiting tools from January to June 2021 as part of Staged Customs Controls by supporting and building trader capability to ensure compliance during staged controls and when full controls are put in place in July 2021. This is particularly important for traders who have limited experience engaging with customs processes. 
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.7 When will TSS supp dec process start to work?
    A. HMRC is working with TSS consortium to develop the supplementary declaration process as a priority. Our target date for this process to be available is early February. We will keep TSS users up to date as this progresses and give them as much notice as possible so they can prepare for the functionality going live. 
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.6 Any chance we can require the lateral flow covid test must be carried outside kent?
    A. COVID testing for hauliers is now available at 46 testing sites outside of Kent- further guidance is available here:
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.5 Is there any update on impact of less pragmaticism in NL/B ports?
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.4 We had a member whose shipment was stopped in France because of they were using an ROI EORI number (as it was the first place they did a declaration after 1 Jan 21). Any idea why? Guidance states an EU eori is fine to use in a different member state?
    A. An ROI EORI is acceptable to use in EU countries. 
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.3 It appears that the UKBF at Dover are holding consignements which have had a pre-lodgement non inventory linked entry done with a CCS UK badge. Why is this? the guidance is very clear that you can use any badge at any Non Inventory location?
    A. Any CHIEF CSP import frontier badge can be used for CHIEF import frontier non-inventory declaration, providing the CSP who issued the badge is content. Therefore declarants should always check with the CSP who issued the badge to confirm if they're content for it to be used at a particular location. Many CHIEF freight locations are both inventory and non-inventory linked depending on the transport mode. Dover can cover a number of physical locations, some of which may have inventory controls. Therefore declarants should check with the site operator in advance. 
  • RE: 11 January 2021

    Q.2 Could we get additional guidance for GVMS/border process for the Irish Sea border for these companies that are not on TSS (i.e. are not importers into NI but still need to provide info to their NI clients)?
    A. If you move goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, you can use the Trader Support Service (TSS). It's free to use and quick and easy, simply follow the steps on the TSS site to register. Once registered, you will need to digitally provide appropriate information for the goods being moved- the new service will deal with all associated processes. 
  • 11 January 2021

    Q.1 Are there still any issues with CHIEF, or has everything now been resolved? A. CHIEF is working to design with no problems raised within HMRC. Any service availability issues will be noted here -