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  • 07 January 2021

    Q.1 Irish customs are requesting a CMR for inbound GB shipments. Has the no-CMR protocol expired? I've sent this into the JCCC with a more technical Tariff issue (with supporting screen shots)

    A. You must have a CMR note on all international journey's if you're carrying goods on a commercial basis. The CMR note can be filled in by either: 
    • you (the haulier)
    • the company sending the goods abroad 
    • a freight forwarder
    You will need 3 copies of a CMR note, including one:
    • for the supplier of the goods
    • for the eventual customer
    • to accompany the goods while they are being transported
    You can buy pre-printed CMR notes from the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and Logistics UK.
    Further guidance is available here:    
  • 04 January 2021

    Q1. What happens if a driver tests positive at one of the test locations? Guidance say that further details will be provided but it would be good to know what this is for both i) UK based drivers (can they return to base before going home to self-isolate?); and ii) foreign based drivers that have no where to self-isolate within the UK? For foreign drivers coming from France to the UK, are there locations they can get tested before departing to the UK which will still be valid to allow return within the 72 hours? A. If a driver fails the lateral flow test, they will be directed to secure a PCR test result. If they fail that test, they are required to self-isolate. Whether they return to base to drop off loads is a matter for individual companies, but cabs would need to be thoroughly disinfected etc. Non-UK based drivers would need to seek local hotels. No, the French government will only accept tests taken in the UK.
  • RE: 06 January 2021

    Q.14 Could you share the address of the on line forum logging all reported issues/questions again? Many thanks
    A.For questions please use = To report issues please email our enquiries inbox at :
  • RE: 06 January 2021

    Q.13 Please could you advise what documents are required to travel with the load into NI and ROI? We believe we can upload a manifest (packing list) on TRACES for goods containing P&R / SPS in NI but do we need documents for all other goods. NB: ROI customs have said not but official guidance would be great.
    A. Please see guidance here:
  • RE: 06 January 2021

    Q.12 Port Health are detaining containers at Felixstowe and not responding to telephone calls or emails - some support would be appreciated
    A. You should contact APHA if you are experiencing issues.
    You can contact them on: and 03000 200301
  • RE: 06 January 2021

    Q.11 We have raised issue with checks in Spain for goods moving to GB, is that also being investigated?
    A. We are unable to comment on checks EU Member States undertake.
  • RE: 06 January 2021

    Q.10 The Check an HGV website link takes you straight to the Kent Access Permit. How do hauliers traveling via other routes check their HGV is border ready?
    A.The Check a HGV service can still be used by hauliers who are exporting goods via ports other than Eurotunnel and Dover. It can assist in confirming whether the haulier has all the requisite paperwork needed to cross the GB border in an HGV and thus be border ready. Upon clicking the Check an HGV website link and then "start now", you will be taken to the nect page where you will be presented with the option of selecting "Other Ports in Great Britain" when asked "Where are you departing Great Britain?". This option should be selected rather than the "Port of Dover or Eurotunnel" option and the subsequent follow on questions will help asscertain whether or not the haulier is ready to cross the border into the EU. 
  • RE: 06 January 2021

    Q.9 We have seen slow response of the ICS sytems secondly when thousands of ENS lines generated w the system blocks, a bulk load option should be made available
    A. ENS declarations are required, and have been since 1 January 2021, for all freight crossing from GB into the EU. If the entry point into the EU is France, and the declaration is made into the French Import Control System (ICS)- this is done using a EDI only. The ENS declaration is the responsibillity of haulier for accompanied freight and the carrier for unaccompanied freight, or via a 3rd party with their knowledge and consent. This is a separate process to the provision of the Movement Reference Number on either the transit accompanying document or French customs import declaration, the scanning of which is done at check-in (ferry operator) and at the Eurotunnel pitstop. It is also covered in the terms and conditions of carriage of the operators for accompanied freight. 
  • RE: 06 January 2021

    Q.8 Is the PBN issue only an IE ports issue or also an EU (FR, NL, BE issue to)
    A. It was only an issue affecting Irish ports and goods being moved from GB into Irish ports. 
  • RE: 06 January 2021

    Q.7 Lots of units to Ireland are not coming to port as they dont have PBN's. It is not just about the turnarounds