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  • RE: UK rules to determine country of origin

    I thank you for your additional feedback, but the rules of origin at the link that you have provided don't cover all the tariff codes. For example, I need to determine the country of origin of optic unmounted products heading 9001 to be shipped to U.S.A. The rules for chapter 90 included at the above link mention only the heading 9029, what about the other headings? I thank you for your attention and feedback on this.
  • RE: UK rules to determine country of origin

    I thank you for your feedback, but the link that you have provided refers to preferential treatment only. What I'm looking for are the UK rules which apply after the exit from EU to determine the non-preferential origin regardless the FTA in place, i.e the country of origin to declare for a product bound for U.S.A, i.e. the country of origin equal to those rules that EU countries apply according Annex 22-01 UCC-DA as per following link*3A*2F**2Ftaxation_customs*2Fbusiness*2Fcalculation-customs-duties*2Frules-origin*2Fnonpreferential-origin*2Ftable-list-rules-applicable-products-following-classification-cn_en__;JSUlJSUlJSUl!!NlLrMPuo!7mrgZcC9ZHFjtko3QFZ269e-MdCoEP8TJIkEp_IDSIBd5ycT9iEeqC_F257uv6z3jGHR$
  • RE: 07 January 2021

    Country of Origin is equal to non-preferential origin with different rules than the preferential origin
  • UK rules to determine country of origin

    Before Brexit, UK adopted the 'EU Table of list rules applicable to products' to determine the country of origin and I wonder if these rules are still valid in UK, I’m not able to find out anything within the GOV.UK website at this regard. I just found a document about 'Special Rules for Determining Non-Preferential Origin, Version 1.0 dated 7 December 2020' but it refers to few rules for specific headings only. For example, the EU primary rules for heading 9001 state 'CTH or 45% value added' rules and the UK Special Rules mentioned above includes only rules for the single heading 9029 and nothing for all the other headings of chapter 90.